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Please read the prosody description on the home page

These are a few of the earliest, most basic poet-practices you can try out; they're as integral to our lineage as sharpening a pencil or reading a book.

"THEREFORE THEY ARE CALLED POETS": ascesis/aesthesis and the Prosodic Body


A VARNAMALA MANTRA recitation of the alphabet

Sanskrit Ali Kali recited by Drukmo Gyal
An American Varnamala Mantra

full essay on the ordering of the alphabet

NĀDĀNTA listening to the end of sound, using  C & G tuning forks

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The following are various modes (more so modes than 'genres,' perhaps 'further prosodies') generated over the years while working with the Prosodic Body and the Commons Choir. I felt that sharing these modes might stir possibilities. I'll include a file of examples (and we could use some of the pieces as scripts to perform together.

       reEnglish                        undiscovery                                                sonic amulet       

                               in'lak-ech (trans subjective inter change) am I not another you?     

      phonotactic unshackle   

             is'isn't                        such words as such           

                fair trade philology                            biochemical sound sequences         

 political economy pleas                     phoneme cosmogony              implicate prosody                                   reparative narrative (the cruxes)             

                                                                                lost optativity       

totally cataphatic nonarbitrary sound meaning word thing correlation (or ontomemes)                                           word emptiness (not nonsense)   

        phenomenal phonophany                                                                grammatical yoga

           hypoxic hearing                         soma-somatic              poison orison     

                        poetic deprestidigitation   

                                                   sector repurpose

This is a scored phonemic emanation we could all perform together when we meet:


(the same as the phonemes saying themselves)

(4/4 time / 2 spaces = quarter note, more or less)

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